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Singletrack Century – Wideopenmag #22

In the middle of the adventures of summer 2013 Swiss Dave and I had a big day out in Davos. The stats sort of tell the story: 107 km, 378 meters climbed, 8070… Continue reading

Another Other Side – Singletrack #87

It is difficult not to get caught up in Swiss Dave’s plans. They tend to involve a good adventure in a slightly less well trodden part of Switzerland, away from the ski lifts… Continue reading

Delamere – Privateer #17

Delamere is where I grew up, where mountain biking began for me, and a place I still call home. It was a pleasure to put together a piece on the small scene that… Continue reading

Beyond North – Singletrack #84

Ok. so I have to preface this post with a ‘Sort Of’. Joe, Ginger Dave and I’s mission beyond the Highlands to Harris & Lewis ran as the Premier Feature for issue 84… Continue reading

Another Side of Switzerland – Singletrack #78

When Dave, big cheese of Swiss Alpine Adventure, mentions that a trail is worth riding, generally you should pay attention. 11 pages of Singletrack Magazine 78 bares this out. 3 days of trails,… Continue reading

Cover – Singletrack Magazine #78

So, this is a first. The cover of Singletrack, a magazine I have grown up reading in mountain bike terms at least, has my photo on the cover. Ace. I remember holding on… Continue reading

Spinning Around – Wideopenmag #19

A new Wideopenmag has finally seen the light of day, and with it a piece on the guys at Revolution Bike Park in Llangynog. I did the chatting and put some words down… Continue reading

Otztal: An Escape To High Places – Singletrack Magazine #77

The last few days of two months in or near the Alps was spent in a pretty special place, and when Singletracks’s Dave Anderson came knocking, looking for tales from high places, the… Continue reading

Roadtrip Roulette – Singletrack Magazine #74

Words and photos on smells, trails and life on the road

Now Go Out And Ride / Back Cover – Wideopenmag #17

Never has a truer word been said. Good new arrived through the online post last week in the form of the 17th Occasional Wideopen Magazine. Even if the guys at Wideopen got a… Continue reading