Another Other Side – Singletrack #87


Fairly Alpine

It is difficult not to get caught up in Swiss Dave’s plans. They tend to involve a good adventure in a slightly less well trodden part of Switzerland, away from the ski lifts and bike parks that are often the staple of Alpine mountain biking. Singletrack liked the idea of a follow up to last years ‘Other Side’ Postbus assisted adventures, so we headed out and got on with it. A few more days spent on the massive hillsides between the Alps’ central spine and the Rhone Valley provided the goods in terms of trails, photos and tales to tell. I guess we need to start thinking about how to complete the trilogy…..

I am still waiting for someone to point out the not unnoticed irony of having a DPS of the Matterhorn in an article that is claiming to find the other side of Switzerland. Read it, it all makes sense then. Available from the good folk at Singletrack Mag or down your newsagent.