Glen Brittle

Glen Brittle is a hell of a place. Very much the end of the road, where the sea meets the Cuillin Massif. Coire Laggan sit high above the bay in a rock bowl below the crags of Sgurr Alasdair. Hallowed ground for climbers. Dave W and I stopped for an afternoon on our way to Harris to have a play on the access trails that run up to the cliffs. The access trail that runs up the hill is a techy plunge down to the beach, but what sits above it is something a little special. The vast Slabs of the Boiler Plate make one hell of a challenge. Once you have worked out a line down them, the sheer intimidation of the surrounding mountains and the grey face that lies in front of your tyre needs to be overcome. It got the better of me, but Ginger Dave was in his element. I tried to get some pictures that did the place justice, for the most part I think I failed. It was one of those rare occasions where perhaps epic could be appropriate.

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