Our Court Will Grin

It was a pleasure to put together some words and pictures for the as it turns out, penultimate Privateer magazine, on shelves now. As is always the way with these things a lot of photos didn’t make the cut. This was a bit different to the standard trip away report though. With the help of friends we spent a week documenting our bread and butter trails, trails we ride every day, trails we never normally stop and take a photo of. These ‘out takes’ are below. They show a week spent documenting a week spent out in the woods.

2013_006 2013_007 2013_010 2013_012 2013_050 2013_51 2013_53 2013_54 2013_55 2013_56 2013_57 2013_61 2013_63 2013_70 2013_73 2013_74 2013_77 2013_78 2013_79 2013_81 2013_92 2013_429 2013_430 2013_432 2013_433 2013_434 PrivateerDelamere_004PrivateerDelamere_001 PrivateerDelamere_006 PrivateerDelamere_007 PrivateerPot_01