Enduring #5 – Superenduro Sauze D’Oulx

Hell Yes

‘Your trumpet sounds best when tooted by others’. Never has a truer word been said, but fuck it. Third place for the West Cheshire Massif in the hardtail category at the Sauze D’Oulx Superenduro, plus in a field of five hardtailers, I got to tick the ‘Get out of the bottom third’ box as well. After Madesimo last year, where everyone said Sauze was the race to do in the Italian Alps, it well and truly lived up to expectations. 9 Stages, 7000ish meters of descent, 1hr 30 mins of racing for the pros, damn good Calzone and some mass start good times to finish things off. This was day 4 of 39 in the Alps, a damn fine way to kick things of.