Getting Wierd in the Woods

I Heart The Woods

Ste W – West Cheshire Loam

I have been finished with uni exam commitments for nearly a month now. Normally this uncorking of pressure built up during an mtb free revision period leads to a desire to get somewhere far away, with big mountains, as soon as possible. Last year I fled to Freiburg, the year before the Lakes and then Switzerland. This year is a bit different though, something has changed. I small project meant being in the woods was a necessity, but even now that is done I am yet to venture outside of Cheshire’s fertile plains to look for bicycle thrills, and as of now I feel little need to do so in the future. Of course I am looking forward to trips away, but perhaps because the woods has been so nice under tyre for so long now, I am really appreciating what is on the doorstep. Mellowing? Growing old? Probably something like that.