The four of us that made ‘Pretty Sweet’ haven’t gotten out on a proper road trip in a very long time, infact it was coming up for two years since Dave W, Cal, Ste and I had been on more than just a morning’s ride in each others company. Whilst these things happen it was a very very cool feeling to be back on the road with the guys I spent probably the first 6 or 7 years of riding mountain bikes with. I think this photo sums up the whole thing nicely:


Dave W getting a little bit of air at the bottom of Honister Pass in the Lakes. It was two days that took in absolutely everything that a Lakes trip should: Big descents, a little snow, rocky forrested goodness, Windemere’s finest curry house and a unholy visit to Booths. Riding and travelling with the ‘old’ team is back on the agenda for 2013, and I for one am very pleased

2013_023 2013_026

2013_039 2013_025

The bottom left photograph above is taken by Dave W, a man whos’ Flickr stream is well worth a look